Life Coaching FAQ's

"When we are no longer able to change a situation,
- we are challenged to change ourselves."
                  -- Viktor E. Frankl --

What is Life Coaching? Back to Top

Life Coaching is a synergic relationship between an accredited life coach and a client designed to tap into the clients’ full potential in order to meet specific goals in their personal or business lives with careful guidance and encouragement.

How does Life Coaching work? Back to Top

Life Coaching is a relationship in which your life coach stays with you throughout your journey in reaching your unfulfilled goals and ambitions. Working together you will integrate new life skills and views to enact profound changes in your life that you've been longing for.

Does medical insurance cover Life Coaching? Back to Top

Unfortunately, insurance policies do not yet cover Life Coaching services.

Is Life Coaching a form of therapy? Back to Top

No, Life Coaching is not therapy. Life coaches do not dwell on past issues and traumas - they focus on the present and ultimately - the future. Life coaching is about looking forward, setting personal and professional goals for yourself and achieving them! Most Life Coaching clients simply want to make a big change in their lives and want the support of their own personal life coach to take that step. Life Coaching is also not a solution to deep-rooted emotional problems such as depression and mental health ailments - these often require more specialized help and professional therapy.

Why do people need a life coach? Back to Top

  • They want more out of life.
  • They want to grow to their fullest potential spiritually and professionally.
  • They want the support and guidance to keep on track and make those changes faster and easier.
  • They want to change their views on life and alter their behavioral patterns to fit the new them.
  • They want someone to help them to focus on acting towards their goals rather than contemplating about it.

Can Life Coaching hurt someone? Back to Top

No. The client is always responsible for their own actions. Clients make their own decisions and act upon them. Life coaches provide only positive support and encouragement. While a life coach might challenge you to think differently or suggest that you try a different, or even radical approach, than you would normally take, the client must decide whether to take that advice or not. Life coaches do not in any way control the client’s thoughts, actions or life. If you feel bad after a coaching call, for any reason, let your life coach know about it. It is probably a miscommunication or it could be that this coach’s style is not working for you. If this happens consistently, try a different life coach. You should feel uplifted and motivated to take action at the end of each personal coaching call. You should certainly feel good about yourself and your accomplishments.


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
                  -- Lao Tzu --


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